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A venture fund focused exclusively on the Metaverse.

Our Focus

Everyrealm’s Venture Fund is an investment vehicle backing the next generation of blockchain games, metaverses, and their infrastructure. Our strategy is to back the most innovative, disruptive, forward thinking projects at the earliest stages of development.

Metaverse gaming

As a group of lifelong, ex-professional gamers and founders, we are deeply in tune with the gaming, metaverse, and esports markets. We discover real value in a market dominated by noise and unsustainable trends given our authentic, relentless passion and understanding of these emerging worlds.

Metaverse platform and infrastructure

There are many innovations in metaverse infrastructure that must occur between now and when a seamless, mainstream version of the metaverse takes hold, and these are the areas we are focused on.

We assist our ecosystem of portfolio companies using a hands-on approach with tokenomics, strategy proposals and implementation, introductions to global partners, fundraising, esports industry exposure, and hiring.

How we operate


  • Unmatched deal flow pipeline from our industry and sector-specific contacts
  • Thesis-driven approach to sourcing quality investments that fill large, commonly unforeseen gaps in the market
  • Strong inbound deal pipeline given Everyrealm’s market position


  • Detailed assessment of the project team's experience and capabilities
  • Business model viability and tokenomics sustainability
  • Financial driven approach to analyzing company performance and valuation
  • In-depth gameplay mechanic review and core community analysis


  • Often a founder’s top choice as thought leaders
  • Rigorous due diligence approach
  • Investment process which includes multiple founder-investor due diligence meetings and in-depth investment memos


  • Active, hands-on approach for future fundraises
  • Introductions to strategic partners
  • Strategy review and implementation
  • Marketing and PR support
  • Esports support for web3 games and exposure to guilds + web2 esports organizations

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