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A virtual land investment and development company.


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A shopping district in Decentraland developed by Everyrealm. Inspired by Harajuku, a district in Tokyo known as the center of Japanese street fashion.


Metajuku is a 16,000 sf (256 m2) project built with a pedestrian-friendly open space at its center. Retail stores line both sides of the open center atrium. The district is located at the coordinates 94, 21 in Decentraland.

The development was designed by Austin-based architect Martin Guerra and developed by Everyrealm’s global team of 3D real estate and game developers. The Tribute Brand store was designed by Zagreb-based architecture firm BIRO.

Metajuku (94, 21)
Harajuku-themed shopping district in Decentraland

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Tenants include digital fashion brands Genial Investimentos, Majid Al Futtaim, Dress-X and Tribute Brand, as well as JPMorgan, the first bank in the metaverse. In Metajuku, NFT wearables can be purchased at both Dress-X and Tribute Brand stores, and the Onyx Lounge serves as an interactive and informational space for JPMorgan.

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Fantasy Islands

There are three base villa types.

The original 100 Fantasy Islands are composed of three distinct villa types combined with unique island landscapes and bonus NFT assets. There are only 100 private Fantasy Islands that will ever be sold in The Sandbox, with its owners becoming part of the exclusive digital paradise community—and true landowners in the metaverse.

The Fantasy Islands 100

100 one-of-one private islands bundled with ultimate utility for the sandbox metaverse.

Fantasy Islands Island1 image

Villa 1:


Tikila Villa is the most common of the three villas. Tikila Villa offers its owner relaxed luxury and laid-back waterfront living with beach frontage and a personal pier. Tikila’s design is inspired by the overwater bungalows in the Maldives, the eco-lodges of Costa Rica and the beach bungalows along Highway One in Malibu. Each Tikila Villa will be located on its own unique parcel of land in the Sandbox.

Fantasy Islands Island2 image

Villa 2:


The Pinkyteau variety is a little more rare and a little more formal than Tikila Villa, but you'll still be able to chillax on your own private beach while the warm tropical breezes blow through your palm trees and onto your lanai. Say hello to your new home, Pinkyteau Villa, inspired by the best mansions of Newport, the Cote d'Azur and the Costa Smeralda with a lighthouse evocative of the craggy coast of Maine.

Fantasy Islands Island3 image

Villa 3:


Frostbitte is the most rare of all three villa types. A futuristic pairing of brutalism and serenity, Frostbitte is a stunning cliffside property that offers peaceful seclusion in the most beautiful, yet icy setting. A bohemian, cantilevered alcove hangs dramatically from the rocky cliffs across the sea, attaching itself to your property by zipline. If jaw-dropping gatherings are your cup of cocoa, then this is the absolute perfect place to host one. Glass walls provide open, panoramic views out to your expanding empire in the metaverse, and the ice beach will wow even the most weathered explorers.

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