The future of gaming is in the metaverse.

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Blockchain gaming is an enormous opportunity.

$2 Billion in revenue

“In 2022, the global eSports market will generate... nearly $2 billion in revenue.”

$9 Billion peak market cap

of crypto gaming guild Yield Guild games

8.3 Million players

More than 3M DAU

We know how to connect the ecosystem


The blockchain gaming industry will converge with the traditional eSports industry to create tremendous opportunities for gaming guilds (eSports teams) to generate new sources of revenue and expand existing communities.

Blockchain gaming will have its eSports moment as more competitive-centric games emerge from development and onboard the next generation of professional gamers. We believe that the vast majority of today’s gamers will transition over to blockchain-enabled games that properly incentivize them for their time and creativity.

While games will provide real life economic benefits to everyday users, blockchain games will be gameplay-first coupled with unprecedented community participation and governance and open-world economies. Through novel in-game economies, games will democratize earnings for everyday gamers instead of only incentivizing professional eSports players and content creators.

We are building a league of gaming guilds

We're partnering with traditional eSports teams to create a league of gaming guilds focused on blockchain gaming.

Everyrealm will be at the center of the next generation of competitive eSports and entertainment. We aim to build the premier platform that organizes and hosts amateur to professional tournaments, tracks live gameplay statistics, and optimizes a platform where communities can come together under one theme; gaming.

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