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April 2022 Metaverse Report 

May 20, 2022

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The Monthly Metaverse Report is out now! In this report, you will find a review of the market conditions in April, provided by NonFungible, followed by an overview of the highly anticipated Treeverse platform. 


Make sure to read the April 2022 Metaverse Report to stay up to date on this fast-moving space.


A Taste of What’s in Everyrealm’s April 2022 Metaverse Report:


Market Overview


The Metaverse market experienced a relatively significant drop in April. All indicators are in the red when compared to the month of March.

Volumes remain relatively high with $42 million traded over the month, despite a drop of 33.5%. This overall decline indicates a slowdown in the NFT market (linked to the conflict in Ukraine, media coverage of the end of 2021, etc.) and highlights uncertainty about the ultimate potential of today’s metaverse platforms. Meta's recent announcement that it would charge fees as high as 47.5% are helping to cast doubt on how decentralized 
many of these metaverses will actually be….


Spotlight on Treeverse


Treeverse is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (“MMORPG”) built for mobile platforms with PC compatibility. The game will package familiar elements from the genre like skill honing and an open world environment with novel utility provided by tokenized game assets. Developed by a growing team with Web 2.0 gaming development and design experience, Treeverse is one of the most anticipated crypto gaming titles coming to market…


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