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Janine Yorio, Everyrealm CEO, Featured as Pioneer of Web3 

Jun 27, 2022

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Everyrealm's CEO Janine Yorio was featured in e27's article on pioneering women in web3. Here's her profile in the piece:

Janine Yorio is the Chief Executive Officer of Everyrealm, the gateway to the metaverse with a background in private equity and in real estate. Everyrealm is a metaverse holding company with holdings in 27 metaverse platforms, over 4,000 NFTs, an e-sports gaming guild and an esports league. Everyrealm also operates Realm Academy, the premier online educational campus in the metaverse.


Yorio’s “superpower is her ability to turn wildly creative visions into financially-feasible realities.” She says one of the most important things to understand about developing in the metaverse and making NFTs is that these products need communities.


Read the full article here.