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Everyrealm: Fantasy Islands Villa Tour in the Sandbox Alpha Season 

Sep 27, 2022

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The Fantasy Islands experience launches in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 today! The first-ever master-planned private island community in the metaverse now offers a private tour of Fantasy Islands, and some quests to play along the way.


Get cozy, enjoy the scenery, and see what surprises are in store. Reading this on mobile? We recommend using a desktop device for the best Fantasy Islands experience.






Enter for Your Chance to Win an Alpha Pass

To celebrate the launch of the Fantasy Islands Experience in The Sandbox, we’re giving away 8 Season 3 Alpha Passes. Learn about how to enter the giveaway here




🕹️Something Special for GFT Holders

As part of our continuing partnership with Atari and The Sandbox, we have some GFT news to share!


All GFT holders will receive the NFT Collectors Badge from The Sandbox - something you can only get by purchasing from their collections. This will grant its owner extra raffle tickets for more chances to win an Alpha Pass in the next season. 


Additionally, holders of this collectible will have an additional 30 $SAND unlocked for use in Season 3. This collectors badge will automatically appear if the wallet you hold the GFT in is the one you use for your Sandbox account.




About The Sandbox Alpha Season 3


The Sandbox has become a powerhouse name in the open metaverse category – securing partnerships with celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, and Gordon Ramsay, and major brands like Adidas and Atari. While still in early access, their Alpha Seasons are open events where players can try out new games and experiences, and potentially earn some rewards in the process!


Alpha Season 3 kicked off on August 24, 2022, and is currently in full swing. Players who hold Alpha Passes have the opportunity to earn some SAND when the season ends in late October. Learn more about what you can explore and how to collect rewards in our dedicated blog post on The Sandbox Alpha Season 3.


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