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Investing in Horizon Blockchain Games 

Oct 5, 2022

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The Everyrealm Venture Fund is an investment vehicle focused exclusively on investing in metaverse gaming and infrastructure. Our strategy is to invest in the most innovative, disruptive, and forward thinking projects at the early stages of development. 



Everyrealm is excited to announce our investment in Horizon’s Series A financing. Since 2018, the team at Horizon has been building solutions for today’s most prominent obstacles facing web3 adoption including user experience, developer experience, and quality product shortcomings. 

Horizon is building the infrastructure to onboard the next generation of web3 adoption with three main product offerings: Sequence, Skyweaver, and Niftyswap.



Sequence: All-in-One Developer Platform + Smart Wallet


While the most popular web2 games like Minecraft and Fortnite have powerful resources and massive player communities working to their advantage, web3 games offer something those juggernauts cannot: true ownership. Current web3 games like Axie Infinity offer ownership to their player via their own token economies, and require players to use non-custodial wallets to manage their in-game assets. 


Even the most popular of these wallets – MetaMask – still struggles with mass adoption as it can be intimidating for new users who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency or NFTs to get set up.



The Sequence developer platform helps web3 game developers build the same streamlined onboarding experiences that web2 gamers have become accustomed to – download, sign-up, and play. For players, setting up the native Sequence smart wallet requires a simple sign-in to their existing accounts on Google, Apple, Facebook, Discord, or Twitch. 


Sequence combines a simple onboarding process with seamless accessibility to all EVM-compatible chains allowing for a frictionless gate into web3 for non-native users. The broader Sequence developer platform provides a complete stack of web3 native tooling for builders to utilize without any prior blockchain knowledge. Thanks to Horizon, it’s never been easier to build blockchain games. 



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Horizon has included tooling for:

  • Wallet integrations
  • Token & NFT APIs
  • Crypto & fiat onramps
  • Customized collectibles marketplace
  • Gasless & sponsored transactions. 


The developer toolkit includes functionality for building on Unity, Mobile, and Unreal games. 


Skyweaver: Premier Web3 Trading Card Game


The Everyrealm team is beyond excited about the future of Skyweaver, Horizon’s first blockchain-enabled game. Skyweaver is the leading trading card game in web3 and has been in development since 2018.



Between the game’s alpha release in December 2018 to its open beta launch in February 2022, the waitlist amassed over 150,000 signups, proving a sincere interest in a thoughtful game with authentic blockchain integrations. Skyweaver is highly accessible as a browser-based cross platform game that utilizes intuitive web2 UI/UX with web3 backends. 



Web3 mechanics were embedded without introducing any pay to win mechanics as seen in other TCG titles. For gamers that enjoyed titles such as Hearthstone, Pokemon, and Magic The Gathering, we highly recommend giving Skyweaver a try and perhaps participating in their growing esports ecosystem!


Niftyswap: Decentralized Semi-Fungible Token (SFT) Marketplace



Niftyswap, the third of Horizon’s product offerings, is a semi-fungible token (SFT) marketplace powered by Sequence. SFTs, originally envisioned by the blockchain gaming developers Enjin, have special capabilities making them ideal crypto gaming assets. An SFT loses its value after being used (however that is defined in the game), while SFT transactions are reversible and refundable. Traders can also buy or sell multiple SFTs in a single transaction, which is especially useful for gaming NFT collections that can number in the hundreds of thousands, as with popular games like Axie Infinity. 


Niftyswap adopts a decentralized model of connecting liquidity providers (owners of SFTs) to buyers while rewarding liquidity providers with fees, Visit Niftyswap.io to access the front-end of the decentralized and open source Niftyswap protocol, now in beta. 


Launch Your Career in Blockchain Gaming


Horizon Blockchain Games is hiring for a variety of roles across marketing, product, legal, and engineering. Follow the company on Twitter for the latest updates. Learn how to join the Everyrealm team here.



Everyrealm Venture Fund’s Investment Strategy


The Everyrealm Venture Fund invests in founders with a demonstrated history in game development and a command over how blockchain technology can provide additional value to a game’s player base. Blockchain technology alone does not make a game more compelling, or, more engaging. We look for fun, immersive games and consider blockchain integrations only once the merits of the game itself have been proven. 

Integrating blockchain technology should provide additional utility for players and not over-financialize game components that may interfere with gameplay. To engage every part of a game’s player base, incentives and economics must also attract players prepared to pay-to-play, from casual players to crypto whales, without implementing pay-to-win dynamics. 



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