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MIBR Arena: Enter the First Esports Arena in the Metaverse 

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Everyrealm partnered with MIBR (“Made in Brazil”), one of the oldest, best-known esports organizations globally to launch a metaverse stadium hosted in Portals, the MIBR Arena.

How to Access the Arena


  • Go to mibrarena.gg, and follow the prompts to sign up for either a free ticket (only requires email) or a VIP pass for exclusive access and perks (requires contact, payment, and shipping info).
  • Follow the instructions in the email you received after requesting your ticket.



Show Up in Style


Equipping your avatar with wearables in Ready Player Me is easy – just follow the steps here to get set up:

  • Sign up for an account with Ready Player Me.
  • You should have received an email when you signed up for arena access with a link to your wearable and instructions for enabling it. You’ll need to be signed in first before activating.
  • Once you’ve activated the wearable in your Ready Player Me account, you’ll be able to equip it once you enter the arena 


Entering the Arena:


  • How to get started – You’ll receive an email from us with a URL to access the MIBR Arena in Portals, or instructions for the Fanwise app for VIPs. 
  • Dress your best – As you enter the MIBR Arena, you’ll see an avatar creation screen. Click the “READY PLAYER ME” button towards the top, then log in and create your avatar or use an existing one if you have any. At some point during the avatar creation/editing process, click the t-shirt icon where you’ll find the MIBR hoodie wearable. Complete the prompts and you’ll be all set!




What to Do Once You Arrive


As you enter the MIBR Arena in the metaverse, you’ll be greeted front and center with the main viewing area. Behind the screen is the MIBR jersey showcase. Check out the gear past teams have worn in competition.


On the left- and right-hand side of the first floor you’ll find ramps leading up to the VIP-only top floor of the arena where we’ll host meet and greets with pro MIBR players and creators. In order to get VIP access, you’ll need to purchase one of our VIP passes or win one in our giveaway. 


Learn more at mibrarena.gg.