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Top Places to See Art in the Metaverse 

Aug 31, 2022

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🎨 A New Home for Art Is Here


The metaverse is where art comes to life. While being physically present in front of a masterpiece in a museum is a one of a kind experience, the metaverse makes the best art infinitely accessible to everyone, from everywhere. 



Did you know that Everyrealm has an NFT art museum?


The Everyrealm Collection is an investment fund that acquires potentially high-growth NFTs and invests in NFT-related companies. The portfolio includes NFT works of art, collectible, and gaming assets, all displayed in a virtual museum.


Metaverse Art Platforms, Galleries, and Shows 


NFTs aren’t just meant to be held in wallets. Different NFT experiences are being built at metaverse art galleries in blockchain-based virtual worlds such like Cryptovoxels and Mona, and via ‘NFT visualizers’ such as The Unstoppable Domains NFT GalleryMyntSpatial, and Portals.



Here are some updates you don’t want to miss:


#1. Sotheby’s


It’s been over a year since the 300-year old auction house opened its first virtual store in the metaverse.  $100 million earned from art NFTs later, Sotheby’s sees the metaverse as the next frontier for art.


Sotheby’s Metaverse, its own NFT marketplace, has helped the auction house attract a much wider audience; 78% of NFT bidders were new to Sotheby’s and half of them were less than 40 years old.

#2. Christie’s


Elsewhere, Christie’s is building its metaverse art edge by focusing on NFTs and financial and technology products “that enable seamless consumption of art.”


“..A lot of people… think of it as an auction house where we sell a $100 million Picasso painting, but in reality there’s a number of different types of art and objects we sell at different price points,” says Neda Whitney, Christie’s Americas Head of Marketing. Her team is hard at work in the metaverse to reach a younger audience, with new perspectives on luxury.

#3. MoCA @ Somnium Space


An art museum that lives in virtual reality and exhibits across digital worlds? Enter MoCA


The Museum of Crypto Art is built in Somnium Space. “What is the role of a museum in society today, when culture is moving so fast that they literally cannot respond to what is interesting to the youth?” says co-founder Colborn Bell. “Our mission is to preserve the truth,” Tweets the team.



You can buy and curate a MoCA “ROOM” at the museum, as you would at an individual wing or gallery IRL. Or browse MoCA genesis NFTs on OpenSea: as per the team, they can be thought of as digital cave paintings.


#4. Metaverse Art Week 


Decentraland hosted its third ‘Metaverse Art Week’ from August 24th-28th. 


Inspired by the Venice Biennale, the theme this year was the bond between human and nature, and how this could relate to the metaverse, so a lot of art included patterns and sequences that make up the natural world. 



Art Week featured a curated, audio-guided art tour to guide you around some of the event’s most interesting exhibitions.


Frida Kahlo’s family launched a permanent installation called the ‘Frida Kahlo Family Red House.’



One of the largest online art communities, Artnet, presented performance art and live poetry. SuperRare, Rarible, Known Origin, Gavin Shapiro, and Spatial are all major players that are participating. Other features included Sotheby’s collaborations, UXart Lab presenting the work of Latin American artists, and Burton Morris and House of Tang’s Pop!Wall installation.

Indie Village's contribution to Metaverse Art Week included works curated by Studio As We Are, Vueltta, Infinite Objects, CADAF, Breezy Art, theVERSEverse, and many others. Indie Village capped off Metaverse Art Week with a live concert produced by Sparrow - an eclectic mix of dueling pianos, electronic music and soul. 


#5. The Vatican’s NFT art gallery 


Metaverse developer Sensorium is collaborating with the Humanity 2.0 Foundation to build an NFT gallery to display the Vatican’s art using VR.

Father Philip Larrey from the Pope’s University in Vatican City cites the aim is to explore ways to democratize art. The collection will feature about 800 masterpieces from the likes of Michelangelo, Van Gogh and Raphael. 



The Everyrealm Collection includes NFTs fromCryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Fidenza, Clone X, Cool Cats, Pudgy Penguins, and many more. Learn more about the Everyrealm Collection, take a look at our metaverse art gallery, and get in touch if you’re interested in investing here.